Thursday, September 22, 2016

Spooky Bouquet

This post is a little different from my card making posts. Today I'm showing how I made this spooky floral arrangement for $5.00 from Dollar Tree.

So I picked the black roses with the spiders; two bunches, and the glittery branches. I grabbed a vase that was red and I spray painted glossy black, and a bag of sand to keep my flowers in place. You'll need a pair of wire cutters and scissors.

I start by cutting apart my bunches of flowers. I fill my vase with that sand and insert my flowers how I want them. This is the creative process, giving your arrangement life! I make sure to have some higher than others to give a more "real" look. I then add my fillers which are the spiders and branches. I bring them forward and around the bottom and my spiders I place all over. Here are some pictures of the final look.  Dollar Tree also had roses in purple with bats or spiders which would also be very beautiful. 

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